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bowsandroes asked;
Why did sailor moon's tiara change when she saw venus? The previous one was prettier!
silvermoon424 replied;

Like many aspects of Crystal, it’s rooted in the manga. In the manga as well as Crystal, Sailor Moon receives three tiaras during the course of the first arc.

The first one is rather basic and appears when Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon for the first time.

The second tiara was created out of necessity; Sailor Moon had attacked Jadeite with her first tiara and is was subsequently destroyed (by accident) when Sailor Mars unleashed her own fiery attack on Jadeite. Left with nothing to attack with (this was before she got the Moon Stick), Sailor Moon managed to create a new, stronger tiara by recalling her feelings for Tuxedo Mask and channeling them to making a new weapon. 

This new tiara, in addition to being more ornate, was capable of absorbing moonlight to use as an attack called “Moon Twilight Flash.”

The third and final tiara wasn’t created because it was needed; rather, it seems to be the result of Usagi’s confusion and amnesia regarding her past life. The tiara is created pretty much the moment after Artemis introduces Venus as Princess Serenity, the Moon Princess. Usagi doesn’t consciously know that’s she the real Serenity, but her subconscious does; the resulting clash between them produced the tiara, which has elements of both Serenity (the crescent moon shape) and Sailor Moon (the gem and the fact that it’s a tiara and not a marking). 

Of course, no official explanation is given for the third tiara, but that’s what I came up with; I think it makes a lot of sense, personally.

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